Why eazycollege?

Eazy school Structure

eazycollege (SMS) is online software that enables “Collaborate, Create and Succeed” among Parents, Teachers, Students and the School Management

The dynamic IT Industry has pioneered by implementing, processing and delivering a wide array of software solutions for schools and colleges which automates their day to day activities ensuring efficient functioning of the institution. If there existed a one

If there existed a one stop solution which could cater to all the requirements of a school, things could be all hunky dory. This solution would help schools have all their critical information assembled at a single place that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime.

This is exactly where we step in to introduce you to our scheme of things, our intricately modelled software solution called eazycollege.

eazycollege is the complete ERP solution for every dimension of a school’s basic needs. This product has been evolving, rebranding and innovating itself over the years by associating with some of the greatest schools that implemented it and helped the product garner the much required domain level experience.

The eazycollege Mission:

eazycollege (SMS) is an online software that empowers each and every school to “Collaborate, Create and Succeed”. It is the common thread linking parents, teachers, students and the school management together into a single entity.

Our School Management Software has been designed to seamlessly support every office, ensuring availability of information to the staff whenever they need it.

So, here’s presenting a project known to the world as eazycollege that takes the bigger picture into consideration, establishes communication across all modules to integrate them seamlessly to form a single unit. We, at UpperRoom Technologies need you to let us nurture what’s truly yours so that you can focus on nurturing what’s solely your responsibility : your students and their well being.

The eazycollege USPs:
  • It effectively manages student information.
  • It simplifies admissions and reenrollment.
  • It streamlines information among school offices.
  • It reduces expenses and IT demand with hosting.
Key Tangible Benefits:
  • Reduction in IT infrastructure and software costs.
  • Increase in application availability, reliability and maintainability, due to cloud hosting.
  • Reduction in cost of skilled IT professionals to manage the application and servers.
  • Reduction in clerical labour costs.
  • Generation of automatic SMS and email notifications to parents on their pending school fees.
  • Serves as an interface screen to send school wide emergency and custom messages to all parents of their students by Email and SMS.
  • Alerts parents on continuous absence of their children. in class In this way, the system helps establish transparency between the school management and the parents.
  • Serves as an interface screen to monitor the fee receipts and outstanding school funds to the school admin.
  • Provides the option of report generation to monitor the performance of a student by his/her parents, teachers and the principal.
  • Provides an easy method to view all the activities of school and hostel like various extra curricular events, exam schedule, cultural programs, festivities etc..
  • Reduction in free receivable & bad debts.
  • Automatic transfer of student information from year-to-year.
  • Reduction in efforts to manage student marks, attendance, assignments and collecting due fees from students.
  • No extra effort required to manage data and applications.
  • ZERO cost to avail the educational lesson repository through Knowledge Bank.
Key In-tangible Benefits:
  • Improve the workflow of admission process.
  • Make better managerial decisions.
  • Manage financial resources in a better way.
  • Increase market share.
  • Improve the overall school brand.
  • Improve service provided to parents.
  • Accessibility of the system to management, teachers, parents and students anytime anywhere.
  • Improve the transparency between school and parents.
  • Improve the fleet management for the students.
  • Enhanced/Easy features to manage the data through Import/Export to excel documents option.

To sum it all up and keep it simple, eazycollege (SMS) is an online software that enables each and every school to “Collaborate, Create and Succeed” amongst parents, teachers, students and the school management alike.