Timetable & Scheduling

Preparing timetable for an entire school is a marathon task in itself. It can lead to mix ups and mismanagement when done manually. eazycollege makes things easier by its auto generation of timetable feature. It takes into account the staff count of the school and allots the classes to the teachers in such a way that there’s an equal distribution of workload amongst the teachers. Timetable solution is more dynamic in nature, and must provide flexible options to schools to generate the best suitable timetable that can be accepted by every staff.

Generating most accurate timetable in eazycollege is very simple and doesn’t require not of data entry. eazycollege knows available classes, teachers, subjects by classes, language subjects. eazycollege needs simple configuration that

eazycollege timetable gives power to school administrator to generate various timetables by setting the following parameters

  • Minimum and Max periods per week by Subject
  • Minimum and Max periods per week by Teacher
  • Option to check for assigning class teacher to first period of the day
  • Combined sections by Subject (language subjects)
  • Continuous periods by Subject
  • Assign Subjects based on Priority

and lot more dynamic settings that builds a timetable and ensures that each and every teacher is satisfied enough to focus on imparting education without worrying about the technicalities.

Schedule Extracurricular Activities

Every school and college are including extracurricular activities into class timetable.