Manage Student Information with ease

  • The more time your staff spends maintaining and managing information.
  • The less time they have to nurture and develop your school’s goals.
  • Automate your record-keeping processes and promote efficiency in every department.

Advantages to Teachers

This eazycollege management system software offers several benefits to teachers such as

  • Automated student attendance.
  • Computerized management of marks and grades.
  • Timetable creation in advance.
  • Homework assignment to students and approval.
  • Availability of more time for students.
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents.
  • Access to a forum common to students and parents.
  • Access to own and students’ attendance.
  • Better organization of school activities.
  • Import/Export student marks through Excel documents.

Faculty Access for the Web

  • Faculty, Parent, Student Access for the Web is a user-friendly portal that is available 24/7 with Internet access.
  • Use it to input grades for assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • Create visual seating charts and when all students are present.
  • Just press “all present” or select only absent students to complete the attendance.
  • You can even enter assignments for multiple classes at one time.
  • Tools like these make class administration easy.