School Transport Management

Transportational details of the school buses at a single glance can be accessed by the parents as per the pick up points,the dropping points, route maps and schedules.There’s also a list keeping a track of the students and teachers boarding a same bus to keep the parents concerns at bay and inquisitiveness at par.

An additional feature is the Transport Manager of the school that will manage the bus route and other requirements of the transport department like fuel efficiency, tariffs, permits, licenses, budget, vehicle maintenance and monitoring the drivers to keep the entire fleet in check. These factors when kept in check helps reduce carbon emission making the entire fleet cost effective and echo-friendly.

Vehicle Management

eazycollege Transport module helps transport administrator to manage vehicle maintenance from one place for all day to day operations. Using simple form, admin can record all vehicle route details, drivers information, fuel usage, mileage, servicing schedules, renewals alerts, student assignment to routes etc.

Vehicle Maintenance Reports

Days are gone to coordinate with every driver and collecting the necessary data for cost benefit analysis. eazycollege Transport modules simplified the entire process and all kind of reports are just single click away. Transport admin can generate various reports like vehicle occupancy, fuel consumption per km, monthly maintenance cost, repair orders, servicing schedules, cost benefit analysis etc

School Management can view cost benefit analysis by campus/school sitting in one location.