Hostel Management

Hostel Management manages your dormitories, rooms, inventory and student assignment to beds. This solution is integrated with admission module and Student Fee modules. So once the students are admitted and students needs hostel accommodation, then system provides available rooms and cost. eazycollege helps you manage the whole process online by monitoring and assigned students rooms out of its own accord. eazycollege takes care of the payments received for it, manages hostel inventory, regulates it and keeps track of the students on-board.

  • Manage Dormitory / Hostel Enrollment: During the admission process, students requesting dormitory facilities are identified and rooms are assigned based on requested size and availability.
  • Determine payment frequency, payment mode, fee type, payment plans, and penalties.
  • Manage dormitory / hostel infrastructure.
  • Record and manage inventory and assets in the dormitory /hostel rooms.
  • Track costs, fee and maintenance and charge damages against security deposits.
  • Reports: Miscellaneous charges, Common expenditures, Inventory usage, and Pending fees.