School Administration

School Administration has in-numerous functionalities which when performed manually leaves room for error and can burden the school management in more ways than one.

eazycollege has a comprehensive administration system that not only addresses various administrative processes but also brings in innovative and technological improvements suiting the future needs of e-learning.

It arms its users with a host of features, namely :

  • Grading statistical management
  • Innovative and graphical reports
  • Less logistical hassles
  • Daily administrative costs reduction
  • Minimal infrastructure
  • High end data security
  • Centralized data repository
  • Effective communication between parents, teachers and the administrators
  • Multiple campus management
  • Disaster recovery plans for school data in cloud environment

Along-with varied robust features, eazycollege helps in integrating and sharing data across all modules. Breaking down the information silos and fostering an environment of true interdepartmental collaboration with advanced integration and reporting capabilities was never this easy.

Advantages to Management

School Administrative staff can reap several benefits from eazycollege Management System, selected of which are as follows:

  • Multiple campus management.
  • Effective communication between School Administrator, Teachers, Parents and Students.
  • Creation of school’s tech savvy image.
  • Complete automation of all operations.
  • MIS Reports of Student (Collected and Due) Fees.
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy and highly reliable.
  • Best promising resource optimization.
  • Managing timetables with dynamic substitute management.
  • Automated School Data (database) Backups.
  • Disaster Recovery plans for School Data (database) in Cloud environment.
  • All the time availability of Support team with no extra cost.
  • Training on eSMS application to School Administrative Staff.
  • All the time Help and Involvement at First time implementation.

Advantages to School Administration.

Our eazycollege management system has features for each related directly or indirectly to a school.
Some of the key advantages to schools and educational institutions are as follows:

  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated error detection.
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes.
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time.
  • Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access.
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills.
  • Interface to send (email and SMS) alerts to all parents on emergency conditions.
  • High level data security.
  • Designed for trouble-free scalability.