Online Admissions


e‐Admission is designed to use Information Technology as a tool to automate the preexisting admission process.

Why should you automate the quintessential process ?
The benefits are many. Some of which are stated below :

  • Instant alerts are sent to parents if the admission test date is announced or the results are declared.
  • Messages are generated at the click of a button to intimate parents know about their child’s admission status.
  • Reminders can be sent before the actual test date.
  • There’s no need to keep track of multiple records and consolidate them like creating admission records for students, adding students to a class, adding a student to transport management system, adding a student to fees management system etc.
  • Provision for reenrollment.

It is an efficient timesaving option that users in credibility to the system, makes it economical and transparent for the parents, teachers and students.

Benefits of e-Admission

Admission aims to use Information Technology to process common applications for admission which would reduce time & improve efficiency for the school functionaries who have been doing it manually. It would also make the admission process economical, efficient, hassle free & transparent for the students and their parents.

e‐Admission will reduce the cost of admission for students/parents. It will make the selection process transparent & efficient. It will also ensure that admission process is completed in time. It will reduce the anxiety and tension of the parent/student with respect to admission & bring in credibility to the system.

  • Parents appreciate the convenience of online interaction with their children’s schools.
  • Offer tools for admissions and re-enrollment on your website and build stronger relationships with the families you serve.
  • You want the best for your students and your school, and your information management software should be designed with the same goals in mind. Stop wasting time and effort with school management programs that don’t account for the big picture, and see what you can accomplish with software that communicates seamlessly.