Feb 2013


Reporting Reports can be generated to Monitor performance of a student by their parents, teacher and school head. Display MIS Reports of the fees (collected and due) paid by the student.

Exam Schedules and Assess Results With eazycollege, teachers can schedule a quiz for various classes, post the content online for the students to access via Knowledge bank, generate correct answers for it, track the students taking up the quiz and evaluate the overall performance identifying the areas where the students falter and subsequently striving towards the improvement of the students in those areas.


Feb 2013


Notifications In our tryst to being eco-friendly, comes yet another feature of eazycollege where the school administrators and the principal can send out notifications to everyone or to the students of a certain class or categorically to the teachers and so on. These notofications are received by one and all in their respective inbox thus eradicating the need of printing out notices and putting them up on the notice boards

Students Attendance eazycollege makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with taking student attendance and reporting. Our simplified attendance solution integrated with barcode readers and biometric devices. Class teacher has the access to online module to just mark the absentee students and system does auto attendance for all remaining students. eazycollege helps you to control staff effort, minimize manual errors, and improve productivity without breaking a sweat. Alert Parents

Hostel Management Hostel Management manages your dormitories, rooms, inventory and student assignment to beds. This solution is integrated with admission module and Student Fee modules. So once the students are admitted and students needs hostel accommodation, then system provides available rooms and cost. eazycollege helps you manage the whole process online by monitoring and assigned students rooms out of its own accord. eazycollege takes care of the payments received for

Library Management With a huge repository of books at a school’s disposal, there’s always a scope for mishandling lurking in the background. But when eazycollege makes its appearance in the picture, the possibilities of mismanagement, mishandling and misplacing are a thing of the past. eazycollege brings to you features for the librarian like : Maintaining the stock of books List of the issued books with their return dates List of

Report Card Management Our echo-friendly portal gives you means of sustainability by providing paper-free solutions like Student Report Card. It saves a lot of time of the teachers and relieves them off their burden of meticulously filling in the report card for each and every student. eazycollege maintains student information, exam schedules and markets. Staff can download the marks sheet from the system that contains class students, exam schedules respected


Feb 2013

Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS eazycollege aims to keep the parents in loop through Mobile SMS regarding the constant progress graph of their children. Hence, we incorporate the ‘instant alert’ feature in our software. Be it announcement of important dates, declaration of results, enrollment related information or any emergency notification, we deliver it to your phone’s inbox so that you’re informed about the school happenings at all times.

Timetable & Scheduling Preparing timetable for an entire school is a marathon task in itself. It can lead to mix ups and mismanagement when done manually. eazycollege makes things easier by its auto generation of timetable feature. It takes into account the staff count of the school and allots the classes to the teachers in such a way that there’s an equal distribution of workload amongst the teachers. Timetable solution

Multi Branch Campus Management Technology has truly made the world a small compressed place to live in. Almost everything today is just a click away. Taking this legacy forward is eazycollege with its inherent feature of multibranch campus management wherein all the branches of a particular school can be handled concurrently by just a single portal.